PPC / Paid Click Advertising

Running an ad campaign can be not only be very time consuming, but it can be tricky. It takes more than just selecting a budget and uploading ad content. What matters most at the end of the day is ensuring you have a low cost per customer acquisition. This is all measured using state of the art data and statistics from a combination of multiple tools. We specialize in configuring your paid advertising campaign(s) so you get more customers at the lowest possible price. offers a selection of different digital marketing services that are designed to address the need of every type of business owner, which is how we get you more traffic to your site. Getting the traffic to your site is only the beginning though. Once you have people finding your site, you need to provide them with what they need within the first few seconds or else they will click off your site and continue their search.

Price: 20% of ad spend

Adult Niches

We target a wide array of adult-oriented niches so that your website gets more traffic, plain and simple. Below are just a few of the niches that we specialize in, but any adult-oriented niche that you present to us can be marketed successfully.
-Escort services
-Strip clubs
-Adult e-commerce
-Adult video galleries
-Adult image galleries
-Phone sex

Pay for Performance SEO Services

SEO — or search engine optimization — is the process by which ensures that your website attracts the spiders put out by the search engines. As the spiders crawl over your website, the content they process helps them to properly index it. While the past saw SEO reduced to mere keywords, today’s tactics encompass much more than that.

A rich source of content that includes many different types of media result in a robust website that is viewed positively by the spiders. Websites — both within the adult services industry as well as other industries — that contain poor quality SEO are destined to find themselves at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to website traffic. While keywords continue to be extremely important when it comes to SEO, their presentation must be sophisticated and engaging in order to rank high enough so that the website lands on the first page of the search engine results.

Content such as articles, your About Us page and FAQs are all important factors in capturing the attention of the spiders. Without enough high quality content, the spiders will — at best — ignore your website. At worst, they will flag it for being spam. Once a website has been flagged, it takes a great deal of work and energy in order to fix it so that it is viewed as acceptable once again. It is much easier to build your website the right way from the ground up than to fix it due to poor content.

SEO involves much more than simply sprinkling a few relevant keywords around your website. Instead, it must be designed in a thoughtful way that provides the right type of keywords among a variety of different types of content. Videos whose tag lines contain the appropriate keywords, photos that have descriptive captions that incorporate specific keywords and phrases and other types of content are all necessary to make your website a vibrant and robust place to land when an individual is looking for an escort or other adult entertainment options.

Website Design

SEO is as much as the design of your website as it is about the SEO tactics we employ. In order for your website to not be flagged as spam by the search engine spiders, it must have several components. In other words, it must be a full bodied website and not just a hastily put together shell of one. Many people believe that having a website is all that is necessary to enjoy success within the adult entertainment industry. However, this is hardly ever true in any industry and it is certainly not the truth within the highly competitive adult services industry.

The more complex your website is or the more layers it exhibits, the better the search engine spiders rank it. At the bare minimum your website should consist of several different and informative pages of content that are optimized for your particular keywords. Throwing up a basic website that is sparse in both content and design will basically be a waste of your time and money.

Effective website design takes time as well as a skill set that the average business owner does not possess. Sure, you can purchase a domain name and a hosting plan that gets you started on your website. Infusing it with the appropriate adult SEO though and fine tuning it constantly so that it is always positioned well within your industry is a time consuming task that takes specific knowledge. Keeping abreast of the constantly changing strategies and latest search engine updates is something that we spend hours on each week. It helps us to deliver the very best in services to you, our clients.

Website design is also crucial to ensuring that your visitors have the type of experience they expect and that you want to offer them when they reach your website. A user friendly website encourages visitors to browse around your site and explore all the options that you have available. A website that is not designed to be accessed easily can be frustrating, resulting in your visitors leaving before they have even experienced a portion of the content that you offer.

A streamlined design that puts everything — easy to access menus, a search field, intuitive headers — right where your visitors are likely to look allows them to freely explore your site without becoming frustrated because they cannot find what they came there for. A common scenario that visitors to an adult entertainment website experience is that they know what they are looking for but they are not exactly able to convey it effectively.

For example, a person might want to look for an escort in a certain city but they also want that escort to have a particular physical feature they desire. Or perhaps your visitor wants to be able to enjoy the services of two escorts with at least one of them having blonde hair. These sorts of specific desires can be difficult for someone to put into words so that the results that are delivered to their computer screen provide them with what they are looking for. Once they land on your page, though, you can offer them an array of tools that allows them to find the exact escort or other type of service they want via drop down menus or the search bar.

Other Marketing Services

A high quality website that is well designed and that has the right type of SEO tactics is only the first step of the process that is designed to get your business the exposure it needs to be successful. Without that solid foundation from which to build on, your website will not be successful for the long term. Instead it will flounder within a short time because it offers little in the way of substance.

Once has designed your website and infused it with the latest in SEO strategies, we do not stop there. We take it to the next level by offering more advance services so that your website is better positioned to capture the type of visitors you want. We go further with the following options:

Pay Per Click: Tying your website into a pay per click (PPC) campaign increases your exposure almost instantly. Carefully aligning your website with high quality providers of pay per click services allows those people with an interest in your services to be exposed to what you have to offer. While pay per click has received some bad press in some circles, it is still a highly effective way of gaining the attentions of those individuals who are most likely to use your services. The key is to use such campaigns thoughtfully. Choosing just the right content such as pictures to highlight your website provides an enticing reason to click over resulting in more sales for you and more repeat business.

Social Media: If you are on the fence about using social media to expand the horizons of your business, you are missing out on some of the best and easiest marketing. The numbers of people who use some form of social media — and most people use several different types — every day has exploded within the past few years. Today, social media is where many people turn to get answers to their most pressing questions. Business men who will be spending time within the city where you operate an escort service, for example, can connect with others within that city to discover their options when they want to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Establishing a presence on social media allows you to quickly and easily gain a following so that you can build relationships and trust. Presenting high quality posts that highlight your offerings engages the people who frequent social media sites.

Adult Ad Networks: Exposure is the key to the success of your business. Amid all the other noise in the adult entertainment industry, you need to be heard and your website needs to be seen. Using adult ad networks as part of your adults SEO strategy provides you with highly targeted visitors that are actively seeking out your services. These are typically not people who accidentally stumbled upon your site. Instead, these visitors are the ones that are ready to purchase your services. Being able to monetize your website helps to lead to sales as well as referrals.

Adult Marketing Networks: Affiliate marketing adds an extra dimension to your business offerings. Not only does affiliate marketing put more money in your pocket, it provides a better experience for your visitors as well. Giving them the option to enhance their visit with related products and services, for example, helps you become known as the go to authority for adult services of all types. This means that you will become a recommended site when they have a friend who asks for help with finding a high quality option for escort services or other adult entertainment. Providing other options right there on your site also helps to keep visitors at your website for longer periods of time. Research has shown that the longer visitors stay on a site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Time really does equal money — especially in the adult entertainment world.

The Market Has Changed and Will Continue To Change

The rise of social media and the opportunities for engagement within this vibrant, direct, and constantly shifting marketplace presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. This is true within the industry as well as external to it. For example, search engine algorithms are not constant. They are ever changing, and an “arms race” of sorts is constantly ongoing between the search engine providers, who design the search engine algorithms, and the business owners who depend on search engines for visibility. There is, simply speaking, too much content on the Internet for any of it to stand out effectively on its own. Gone are the days when an Internet user would lose hours at a time “surfing the web,” a phrase now antiquated by changing customer and client needs and behaviors. It is a fact that Internet browsing behavior has changed, and this is just one example of the shifting business climate in which adult SEO, escort SEO, and other adult services site SEO is conducted. Users no longer browse for unknown content and discover previously unknown sites to which they may then devote their attention in the future, at least not as an aggregate behavior. Now, the typical Internet user limits his or her Web browsing to a specific and defined list of sites that form part of his or her routine on a daily basis. The challenge and accompanying opportunity, then, is how to break that client out of his or her routine and engage the client in a way that will make him or her a repeat client who is satisfied with your business to the point that he or she becomes a repeat visitor… and repeat buyer. But all of this can change in an instant when factors beyond your control render your escort SEO or adult services SEO completely irrelevant, or at the very least considerably mitigated. What are we talking about? Take the “mobile-geddon” phenomenon as just one example. When major search engines change their algorithm to rank those sites lower that do not have mobile-friendly applications installed, then a huge portion of the market shifts and is put at a disadvantage if it does not change and adapt. This in turn reflects changes in customer and client behavior, because more and more users browse the Web and engage inline services through mobile, wireless devices and not deskbound computers or laptops. The mobile-centric Web was a long time coming and is now a fact… and the only constant represented by it is that it, too, will change. Your adult SEO marketing must accommodate such industry wide and/or external changes and adapt accordingly. A company that cannot do that for you does not deserve either your time or your money, and it is this difference that puts us ahead of the competition. When you engage our services, it becomes our job to see to it you remain responsive to change, and to adapt your adult SEO accordingly to keep your site, and therefore your business, relevant. Any business that fails to adapt and change with changes in the market, or with changes in the Web that affect how clients find and participate in that market, or with search engine adjustments that disrupt how that market is filtered, is doomed. There simply is no other alternative, and that is why our company remains engaged and adaptable, flexible and bleeding edge, for as long as you choose to avail yourself of our services.