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The adult services industry is a highly competitive one that keeps getting more and more competitive as time goes on. Whether your business is in escort services or you have adult websites, there are plenty of other sites similar to yours that are vying for the same customers as you are. The internet continues to be king, allowing your customers to find you more easily, even among all the other companies out there that offer them what seems to be similar services and content.

But just how similar ARE those services? Adult-oriented and adult-themed entertainment runs the gamut industry wide. Sites in this field of endeavor include everything from pornography portals to phone chat and webcam chat, from escort services to adult products like sex dolls, marital aids, other adult toys, and sex swings, and everything in between. If you think an industry like that can be treated homogeneously, as if the individual components are interchangeable, the services indistinguishable from one another, and the products marketed in exactly the same way, you would be sadly mistaken, and the results of your company’s marketing would reflect that fact. Every facet of the adult entertainment industry online has a unique character, attitude, and even personality. The demographics to which each industry segment caters are different, sometimes in obvious ways, and sometimes in ways that are very subtle and nuanced. Never is this more apparent than when considering the nature of the participation of each demographic. That is to say, every segment of the adult entertainment industry caters to customers, to clients, who participate to varying degrees. Confusing these segments and marketing to one as like another can have a very negative impact on your company’s bottom line, for multiple reasons. Not the least of these is the fact that a client who desires a certain degree of passivity does not wish to be marketed to in an obtrusive, active fashion demanding responsiveness (and vice versa).

To put it another way, consumers of passive web content such as recorded video occupy the lowest tier of responsivity. To some degree they do interact, such as by rating different web content (an important feedback component when it comes to website owners learning what their paying customers, or simply those who view their products and thus their advertising, truly want) and even by commenting. Comments can take the form of further elucidation on the customer’s satisfaction (or lack thereof) with the product or service offered, or may even be a means of letting customers interact with one another (again, in a completely passive setting, there are no performers or service providers with whom to interact). But this is the limit and the extent of what such an audience expects and is willing to provide. Cross that boundary with this customer demographic and you risk alienating them, offending them, or otherwise driving them to the plentiful competition that exists for this market segment. It is not enough to have engaging content that your customers want; you must also understand how to market to them while simultaneously understanding how NOT to market to them. This is critical, because these types of customers have long memories and mercurial tastes, easily driven to something better or something that more exactly suites their needs and desires.

Moving up to the next tier of responsiveness, customers within the adult entertainment industry who seek some level of interactivity, but who otherwise wish to remain at remove from the source of that entertainment, choose phone chat or webcam chat services. The benefits of these services, from the standpoint of the end user, are significant. Passive entertainment such as video playback can never offer the interactivity that an in-person phone operator can, for example. Customers can avail themselves of the rapport established with such an operator in order to tailor their entertainment to their specific desires. The real-time connection established is much less isolating than passive forms of adult entertainment and thus engages the user more directly… but the user may disengage at any time, and the nature of the phone service is such that at any time, should he or she wish simply to terminate the conversation immediately and without pleasantries, he or she may do so. Those customers who are not satisfied with an audio-only element may turn to cam chat services in order to introduce a visual element. This not only allows performers to tailor their performance to the specific user, but also creates a more direct simulation of the entertainment experience. Modern video chat services provide a high degree of interactivity that still permit the user to terminate the interaction immediately if desired, and to explore a variety of entertainment offerings from the comfort of home with quick transition time and relatively low expense. These are customers who occupy the middle ground in both interactivity desired and responsivity to marketing. They are accustomed to speaking in real time to individuals who can ask them questions and respond to their own queries and suggestions, so they are much more receptive to specific types of marketing that engage them personally. This contrasts sharply with those who occupy the lower tier of responsiveness, the consumers of passive entertainment. Marketing to both groups would alienate at least one of them and have less than optimal, if not out outright disastrous, results. Yet with wise targeting of your marketing types and with the proper SEO methods (we’ll use the example of escort SEO shortly, as escorts SEO is nicely illustrative of the most engaged level of adult entertainment industry clients), you can take full advantage of this audience and its willingness to engage, both in conveying your message directly to those clients, but also in asking those clients to provide to you more information about the very industry in which you operate. The data provided to you by direct feedback from clients is invaluable in refining both your product and service offerings and also your company’s positioning within the market. This has been demonstrated time and time again and remains true no matter how many attempts to reinvent the wheel are brought to the table. There is no excuse for properly targeted marketing, and that underscores the need for SEO. It does not matter if that SEO is escort SEO, phone chat SEO, web playback SEO, or any other tailored search engine optimization within the adult entertainment industry. The specifics of the optimization may change, but the critical need for it does not, and that is why we have built our company on the need to provide this engagement in a properly and specifically targeted fashion.

The next tier of engagement in the adult entertainment industry enjoys some crossover with other tiers and presents its own unique challenges. Clients and customers within the markets for adult toys, marital aids, and other accessories sometimes occupy multiple tiers and even move within and across engagement tiers depending on multiple factors. The market can be complicated, and gleaning marketing information from the data points provided by such clientele can be even more complicated. Nonetheless, there is information to be had there, and this information can make the difference between success or failure within your chosen market demographics. Again, the type of marketing you employ must be tailored to the situation, and the

The highest tier of engagement for clients within the adult entertainment industry is occupied by those clients who wish to book escort services. There are gradations of customer engagement in between (and we have not dealt directly with the accessories and marital aid industries, touching on them in the preceding only peripherally), but undoubtedly the highest level of engagement is found in those clients who wish to book the in-person services or attentions of an actual living, breathing, human being. As one can imagine, this presents a host of new issues that must then be dealt with from a marketing perspective. Now the end service is actual face-to-face, in person interaction between the client and the service provider. Branding and staying on message take on a whole new meaning when your staff is now spending time directly with the clientele. As the opportunities for direct client engagement grow, so too do the potential pitfalls. A misstep here, a misspoken statement there, a lack of understanding of the company message, and even the most carefully laid plans for search engine optimization fall through or are otherwise compromised. All of these factors must be taken into account by both your website and its accompanying SEO and marketing plans, or the pieces do not work in concert with the whole.

The Escort Services Industry Is Just One Example

Take, for example, businesses within the escort industry specifically. While the type of marketing employed may vary, and this is heavily dependent on a multiple of factors including the legal constraints within which an escort service may legally operate, escort SEO is still critical in bringing in clients. Traffic is life in the online world of adult entertainment. Escorts SEO must therefore be tailored to the product or service just as in any other niche or demographic, and that escorts SEO must display an understanding both of specifics and of context. This is only one example. Escort SEO is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing to adult entertainment services and products industries’ clients and customers. It all comes down to how your business is positioned within your market, and to do that requires a website that properly positions you, your product or service, and the means with which you draw and engage your clientele. If any of these components is missing, your business will not be what it can and should be. Even if business is good, it could be better, and that is why putting your product or service out there is so important.

Putting Your Business Out There

Everyone has heard of using SEO to position a business’s website — and therefore the business itself — better in the internet search results but what exactly does this mean? It is not enough to simply throw up a website and expect people to be able to find out about your business and the services you offer. You have to tailor your website so that it is easy to locate each time someone gets online to search for adult services. There are specific ways of doing so. Not only are we well-versed in them all, we are tops for delivering the results you want to see for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization — or SEO as it is also known as — is the backbone of an effective internet presence. Without using SEO to enhance your website, it would be almost impossible for your target audience to find you. It is not just enough to populate your website with SEO tactics, though. The search engines’ spiders simply make note of that content as they crawl along your site so that it shows up when someone puts in keywords that are associated with it.

Positioning Matters

You are well aware of how important positioning is to many things in life and this includes your business and its presence online. We are not talking about which server you have your website hosted with — though that can matter when it comes to keeping interested visitors on your page — or how you have your pages positioned on your website — though again that can make all the difference in the end user experience for those people who land on your site.
SERPs and You

No what we are talking about is positioning in regards to where your website pops up on the search engine results. There is a very good reason why that first search engine result page — also known as a SERP — is so important to everyone who has a business with an online presence. Research from well respected entities has shown again and again that nearly everyone clicks only on the very first page of search engine results that they are shown. They almost never go beyond the first page to explore their other options unless they are very dedicated or are simply passing time.

Giving Your Visitors What They Want, When They Want It

Most of your visitors though are going to be very goal oriented and are not going to be idly surfing the internet. They are there for a reason and they are going to click on a link on the very first page of the search results that are returned to them. Which link they actually decide to click on will be decided by them in just a few seconds after their eyes scan the teaser content that is delivered with the search engine results.

Catering to Their Attention Spans

Addressing the time challenged visitor who is likely to be your primary target means you need to capture their attention right away as soon as their search engine results are returned to them. This is why it is so crucial for your business to be right there on the first page of each person’s search engine result. The escort SEO that we deliver is highly refined so that if your website specializes in providing escorts for a particular city or area, it will be on the first page of results. If your business is a specialized adult website, the adult SEO services we provide will put your website on the first page of results every time — we guarantee it!

Ins and Outs of SEO

The concept of SEO is actually quite simple: lace your content with those keywords that are most likely to be associated with your business and website. For example, escort SEO would probably have keywords such as escorts, women, the particular city or region you are targeting, girlfriend, travel, sexy and so on. A similar approach would be taken with adult SEO with more refinement depending on your niche such as bisexual, redhead, big breasted and so on.

SEO Takes Time and Effort

Implementing the concept of an effective SEO strategy is quite a bit different though and takes considerably more effort than many business owners have to invest. Many business owners know that they desperately need a website so that they can take their business to the next level. They hastily purchase a hosting service as well as a domain name and spend several long nights adding content to their About Us page, Services page and other areas of their website.

A False Sense of Security

Within a short time, the search engine spiders crawl over the content and index it. This leads to a spike in the visitors that find the website. This gives the often false impression to the business owner that all is well with the website and nothing else needs to be done. Without constant attention to the website on a regular basis as well as an eye toward the latest strategies and updates handed down by the search engines themselves, a website can quickly fall out of favor and languish unvisited at best. At worst, it can be penalized because it is not updated to reflect the newest guidelines unveiled by search engines as they constantly try to make the search experience more user friendly.

Busy Business Owner = No Time

If you are like many business owners, you get busy just engaging in the everyday running of your business. Whether it is the myriad of small tasks that always seem to need to be completed to keep your business running on track or the larger issues that sometimes crop up as part of life, many individuals find that their business website gets put on the back burner of their to do list. If this describes you, then you are literally throwing money away each month since you are essentially paying for a service that is not being put to good use.

We Can Help

At AdultSeoMarketing.com, we are all about adult/escort SEO and adult/escort marketing services. That is our business and we strive to stay on top of all the updates and regulations that must be followed. Not only do we do this so that we can offer the very best services to our clients but this type of stuff is in our blood. Much like your business, this is our passion. We eat, live, and breathe this sort of thing and never get tired of it. This is why we are the perfect fit for your adult oriented business.

Our Clients are Number One in Our Book

When it comes to success and our clients, you are never pushed to the back burner. As a dedicated marketing agency, that is our focus and we never waiver from it. AdultSeoMarketing.com provides only the best and proven strategies that are designed to bring you to new and successful heights. We tackle each project with fresh insight and energy and deliver on our promises of success or else you do not pay. It is that simple!

Performance Based Marketing

Marketing is not a new concept by any means. It has been around for a number of years and is the key ingredient for certain websites that wind up being on the first few pages of any search engine that returns results. That being said, performance based marketing is not a new concept either. There are plenty of marketing agencies that make performance standards a benchmark of their success when they are working with their clients. Such performance standards provide a very visual and concrete way of measuring success and are ones that everyone — marketing company and the clients — want and like to see.

So what makes AdultSeoMarketing.com different from all the rest? Well, if you are the owner of a business that specializes in adult entertainment, you might have run into a few roadblocks when it comes to marketing those services. Whether you own an escort business in Phoenix and need some help with escort SEO or you sell a line of sexy toys and need adult SEO, many traditional marketing companies will not provide their services to you.

Sex Sells Except When it Does Not

Everyone has heard the old adage that states that sex sells. Indeed, you see it in your everyday life when sexy women are used to sell everything from auto parts and cars to toothpaste and housewares. When it comes to businesses that sell highlight sexy entertainment options, though, or ones that provide safe companion services to lonely business men when they travel to different metro areas. these businesses find themselves shut out due to an arcane double standard.

American Hang ups on Sex Color the Business World

Sure there are lots of questionable sites out there that focus on selling adult entertainment. That is why it is so important for legitimate companies who actually have something to offer their visitors to have access to high quality marketing opportunities. It is only with this type of marketing can the industry be cleaned up and the bit players that offer little to no value done away with.

AdultSeoMarketing.com Paves the Way

AdultSeoMarketing.com decided that things needed to change when it comes to marketing in the adult entertainment industry. They took an innovative and fresh approach to marketing that ensures that only those high quality websites that they properly optimize for adult SEO or escort SEO are ranked highly enough to land on the first page of results. Not only does AdultSeoMarketing.com have no issues with accepting the marketing responsibilities of an adult entertainment website, this is the type of business they specialize in.

A One of a Kind Marketing Agency for the Adult Entertainment Industry

With our finely honed expertise that is the result of years of hard work and diligent research, AdultSeoMarketing.com provides marketing services that guarantee that your adult entertainment or escort business will be on the very first page of the search engine results that are returned when a visitor to the internet is searching for those particular keywords that are highly relevant to your website. By constantly researching and updating our methods, we can ensure that you have the results you want, every time.

A Guarantee Like No Other in the Industry

Unlike other marketing agencies that do agree to take on clients in the adult entertainment industry, we guarantee that you do not pay us a dime unless your website performs as you desire it to do so. For us at AdultSeoMarketing.com, that means that your website shows up on the first page of the results that are returned by the top search engines.

A Focus On and Commitment To Customer Service

It is very easy in this industry, and for that matter in any other, be it in escort SEO or some other form of adult industry SEO, to make claims about a firm commitment to customer service and to client satisfaction. These are almost pro forma in an industry where any “store front” is as quick to erect as a website is to write and publish. The moment your site goes live, however, you are creating expectation. Every customer you engage has expectations for the product or service he is about to engage when he uses your site and gives you his hard-earned money. Clients within this industry have the potential to be fiercely loyal when treated properly, and just as fiercely hostile if they feel they have been mistreated or disappointed in any conceivable way. This makes a focus on customer and client satisfaction that much more critical. It is not something to which our company, or any other company in the adult entertainment industry, can afford merely to pay lip service to; it must be integral to the company and the platform on which that company’s services are offered and executed. This is a very elaborate way of saying that in this industry, perhaps more so than others but certainly to no lesser extent than in any other field of endeavor, you as the product or service provider cannot afford to disappoint your clients. We, in turn, cannot afford to disappoint you, or them, and thus we answer to both groups in our ongoing quest to provide the best possible SEO services. Be it SEO for escorts SEO, other adult industry SEO, or some combination or permutation of combinations, we are prepared to engage your client base and make you that much more an integral part of their client experience. It is not enough merely to sell your clients your product or service, in other words, and not sufficient to draw clients or drive traffic and reap the benefits of both those activities. No, we strive for more, and in so doing we make sure to build both a business you can trust, a web presence that will suit you well, and SEO tailored to your specific needs that helps you not only build your client base but make repeat customers of those who choose to avail themselves of your services. This repeat business is essential for the longevity of any enterprise, but is perhaps that much more important in adult entertainment because the service and products within it strike such intimate chords with those who consume them. You will never find a more personal business or a more intimate connection between clients and service providers than you will, for example, in escort SEO and related services, because these are person on person interactions at the highest tier of engagement within an industry that is also highly personal (and personalized) in nature. Not only does the most engaging content or service tailor itself to the desires and needs of the client, but the client has the ability at any point to alter or repurpose the engagement by providing his or her feedback. Seldom is an industry so responsive to customer desires, even client whims, as adult entertainment and its accompanying adult SEO. As one can imagine, this is unique ground for the bold business owner who chooses to engage whenever and wherever he can, cultivate those client relationships, bolster his or her marketing data with feedback solicited or otherwise collected, and execute a flexible and responsive business plan based on both these factors and an understanding of the search engine optimization needed to stake out a clear path forward.